Looking to buy an Electric Van?

London Electric Centre has collected the largest range from all manufacturers in a convenient one-stop shop for everything EV related. We realise transitioning from fossil fuel to electric propulsion can be confusing.

LEC has been involved with the electric propulsion world for over 15 years therefore we are best placed to advise, and help you make the correct choice for your particular application.

We have assembled every make and model in one amazing space here on Hyde Park Corner for you to be able to peruse the different styles and most importantly models and ranges of Electric Vehicles.

If you just need a little city run around there’s no need for massive battery ranges most city dwellers do less than 50 miles a day,  therefore no need to overspend purchasing battery capacity which I never use.


Our Fleet:

Vivaro-e L2 Panel Van

from £26.67 per day*

Vivaro-e Double Cab

from £32.00 per day*

Vauxhall Combo-e

from £25.01 per day*

Renault Kangoo

from £19.57 per day*

Maxus eDeliver 9

from £51.88 per day*


from £100 per day*

MEV Pickup

from £100 per day*

City Commercial Van

from £250 per day*

The City 2 Electric Van

from £250 per day*

Where are we located?

We are located close to Hyde Park offering a wide range of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly,  cheaper to run than their petrol counterparts vastly making Electric cars the future of Transport, making It is no surprise that many people are looking for an electric car
hire service in Hyde park W2, Central London.

LEC At  Hyde park W2  offer a wide range of electric cars for hire including Tesla, Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW

London electric centre is perfectly situated in the heart of central London just a stones throw from Harrods, Selfridge’s, Oxford Street, Regent Street , Buckingham Palace, Kensington, Chelsea, and Westminster

London Electric Centre