Finding Car Charging Stations Near Me: A Handy Guide

Smartphone displaying a map app with EV charging station icons in a city, highlighting easy location finding.

Navigating the world of electric vehicles (EVs) includes knowing where to find charging stations, especially when you’re on the go. This handy guide will walk you through how to find EV charging stations near you, ensuring you’re never left wondering where you can charge up next.

Use EV Charging Apps

Several apps have been developed specifically for EV owners to locate charging stations. Apps like PlugShare, ChargePoint, and EVgo provide comprehensive maps of charging stations across the country. These apps often include user reviews, availability status, and even the charging speed.

Check Your Vehicle’s Navigation System

Many modern electric vehicles come equipped with built-in navigation systems that can guide you to the nearest charging station. These systems are updated regularly, ensuring you have the most current information.

Websites for EV Charging Stations

Websites like the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) offer tools to find nearby charging stations. These sites allow you to filter searches based on the type of charger, speed, and connectors, making it easier to find stations that match your vehicle’s requirements.

Look for Network-Specific Stations

If you have a subscription or membership with a specific charging network like Tesla’s Supercharger or Electrify America, you can use their apps or websites to find their exclusive charging stations, which might offer faster charging options or lower rates.

Utilize Social Media and Forums

Online communities and forums for EV enthusiasts are great resources for finding charging stations. Members often share tips on the best places to charge, including those less-known spots.

Signs and Symbols

Keep an eye out for the universal symbols for EV charging stations while you’re out and about. Many parking lots, shopping centers, and public facilities now have designated EV parking spots with charging capabilities.

Planning Your Route

If you’re planning a road trip, consider mapping out your route in advance with charging stops along the way. This can help you avoid range anxiety and ensure you make the most of your trip without running low on battery.


Finding an EV charging station near you is becoming easier as the infrastructure grows and technology advances. By using a combination of apps, vehicle navigation systems, and community resources, you can easily keep your electric vehicle charged and ready to go, no matter where you are. As the network of charging stations expands, the convenience of owning and driving an EV becomes even more apparent, making electric driving an increasingly attractive option for many.

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  • Rapid

    DC charging

    Every vehicle is plugged in.

    Now any specific car can be charged in minutes rather than hours on slow AC charging. A game-changer for drivers and operations teams. 

  • Every space

    EV ready

    DockChain makes it possible, and affordable, to make every space in a car park ready for EV charging. Give certainty to drivers that there will be a charging bay available and remove the operational cost and hassle moving cars on and off chargers. 

  • Customer experience

    Tethered cables make it convenient for users. CCS cables to match the industry standard for high powered DC charging. Charging session authorisation can be configured to operator requirements (app enabled, RFID, open use, etc.)

  • Ease of


    DockChain reduces ground works required for installation. Chain cables run in a shallow trench, wall mount, or lay in a cable tray to reach every parking space. The power supply cabinet connects and can be positioned in a convenient location at your site.

  • Scale & upgrade

    DockChain is flexible allowing you to increase the number of charging Docks as demand increases. E.g. Enable 10 spaces, then easily double this in the future. DockChain can be upgraded too, allowing larger capacity additions in the future without upheaval to any existing installation.

  • Battery

    cost savings

    With DockChain's rapid DC charging, a fleet operator could shift from purchasing larger capacity battery vehicles to more affordable smaller capacity ones as rapid turnaround makes it operationally possible to top-up frequently without impacting operations. Ideal for distribution/ delivery firms.

  • Charge when power is

    cheaper & greener

    Charging several EVs makes you a high electricity user subject to fluctuating grid prices. Slow AC charging requires constantly charging to complete in the  available time. DockChain's DC power enables more flexible timing of charging so you can put more kilowatts in your EVs at lower prices.

  • System integration

    DockChain can be stand-alone or fully integrated to your existing IT infrastructure. Charging can be matched to fleet or booking requirements (E.g. Car Rental / Distribution), integrated to customer systems and payments (e.g. hotel bookings or office parks). Analytics and power management are all configurable. 

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